Paolo Villanelli; Italian comic book artist responsible for drawing many of our favourite characters within the Bounty Hunters comics, Lando: Double Or Nothing and more, is who Mike spoke with this week about what it’s like to be in the profession!

In more detail, Paolo talks about how he got into the career of drawing comic books before talking about what it’s like being one, including timescales, his relationship to the comic writers, colour artists and editors, how much freedom Paolo gets when illustrating including panelling & layout and how drawing ongoing series is easier than one-off issues or mini-series. Paolo also talks about working digitally, how variant covers are commissioned and what he would love to draw & what he hates drawing. The conversation ends with Paolo talking about what he enjoys aside from drawing and some advice to up & coming comic artists!

Find Paolo on Twitter @PaoloVillanelli & Instagram @villanellipaolo

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