Jamie of the Talking Dad UK podcast is this week’s guest; he talks with Mike about starting his podcast, men’s feelings, cemeteries, music and more!

In more detail, Mike & Jamie start by explaining the premise of his podcast as well as why he started it, they then talk about recording spaces, their mutual love of religious architecture and cemeteries before discussing how many men aren’t comfortable discussing emotions, having long-form conversations and getting guests for the show. Towards the end they talk about music (listening & playing), how Jamie’s son responds to it and their mutual love of live shows, so this is an episode that covers a lot of ground!

And check out Mike’s appearance on episode 21 of the Talking Dad UK podcast!

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In the last episode of GCC, number 146, Mike spoke with Richard Lettieri Ph.D; forensic neuropsychologist, psychoanalyst and author for an in-depth discussion of his field of work, the human condition and his new book; Decoding Madness! In more detail, Richard explains why & how he wrote his book, his experience over the last few decades working in the fields of neuropsychology and psychiatry, as well as being an expert witness for countless court cases, before he talks about the term “daimonic” and how it is a reflection of many aspects of human nature. Richard also talks about much more and be warned, there are some fairly graphic examples in this conversation!

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