Could you climb Mount Kilimanjaro? Jarrod Speed returns to GCC to talk about his experience of attempting a world record attempt by doing an obstacle course at the top of the highest mountain in Africa, as well as confirming the many challenges along the way and what’s in store for him going forward!

In more detail, part 1 of their chat starts with Jarrod confirming why he decided to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and goes through his journey up to the summit which includes his run-in with Acute Mountain Sickness (vomiting, brain swelling & etc) plus other difficulties he ran into when climbing up the mountain, as well as some of the issues people who joined him had. Part 1 ends with Jarrod looking to the future of what he wants to achieve over the coming years.

Part 2 will be out next week but is already available to all Patreon supporters for as little as £1 a month! In part 2, the duo discuss how Jarrod dealt with his mountain journey and what it means for him going forward, the duo then discuss comparisons in Jarrod’s adventure to movies & video games before Jarrod talks about the other people who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with him who have inspired him (including ultra-marathon runners, mountain climbers & philanthropists). The conversation ends with Jarrod going into more depth of his mindset going forward including utilising the Japanese term Kaizen, some Wim Hof influence and more!

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Jarrod was on ep 104 of GCC to discuss his float lab business (& what floatation/isolation tanks are), dieting & fitness, coffee, customer service, political discourse and more so make sure to check that out if you hadn’t already!

In the last episode of GCC, number 150, Gough of Beernuts Productions returns for his 6th appearance on GCC to discuss how he put together a fake wedding! Gough talks about the various weddings he has attended, before explaining how he put together the biggest Beernuts comedy film to date, including a large cast, several days of shooting, finding & hiring a wedding venue, obtaining some of the insane outfits (like the safari suit), ensuring everyone knew their parts & more! They also discuss Gough’s podcast, which he’s been doing for over a year now!

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