This week Mike chats with Amanda Steel – an author of novels, poems & short stories, as well as creating a quarterly written media publication called Printed Words and being one half of the Reading In Bed Podcast!

In their chat, they discuss Amanda’s newest book, First Charge as well as Amanda’s other works, when & why she started writing, why she used the pseudonym “Aleesha Black” for her Lost & Found books, one of the worst dates Amanda has been on and using it as inspiration for “Love, Dates & Other Nightmares”, before talking about what Amanda’s publication “Printed Words” entails, how she gets her writing done. The conversation then moves onto Amanda’s podcast and podcasting in general, before a brief discussion on Amanda’s religious/spiritual views, then talking about different languages, learning to become a better writer and much more!

Amanda’s books and other information can be found on her site

Amanda's Social Media: Twitter - Instagram - Facebook 

Pre-order link for her new release “Pieces of Me”  

GCC has had several authors on the show, but there are two stand-out episodes any bookworms should check out - episode 56 with Frank Burton as well as episode 16 with Wayne Telford are both especially book-orientated and are a must for any lovers of written media!

Last week Mike spoke with Gough, the blind filmmaker & creator of Beernuts Productions, they discuss Gough’s new film “How To Land Your Dream Job”, followed by a discussion on The Book Of Mormon before talking about the timeline Gough adheres to when making one of his films. Gough then talks about some of the crazy people he’s met who were inspirations for some characters in the new film. In part 2 they discuss Gough making a sequel to his documentary “I Will Not Go Quietly”, some of the social issues Gough likes to explore in his comedy, how Gough dislikes people telling him and anyone else how to live their life, some of the ways Gough has been discriminated against, the importance of humour in all walks of life and much more!

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