For episode 91, Mike is again joined by Chris Phelps & Dave Horrocks of Comics In Motion, VHS Strikes Back and Chris & Dave’s Reality Cast to talk about their many podcasts and their new roster of podcasts on the feed of Comics In Motion!

This week brings part 2 of their chat and in it, Chris, Dave & Mike talk about podcast production & editing (including Mike’s major mess-up from a few months ago), reality TV and Chris & Dave’s Reality Cast, podcast audiences & listeners, uploading podcasts to YouTube and more!

In case you missed part 1 of their chat, the trio discussed how Mike met Chris & Dave, why Comics In Motion now has 4 near-weekly shows, how Chris & Dave met Tony Farina (of Indie Comics Spotlight) & Max Byrne (of Mandatory Marvel & DC), followed by a discussion on Comic Con and nerd/geek culture, Chris talks about his love of video games and the community that goes with it, Star Wars is briefly discussed, as are many other topics!

Chris & Dave hosts several podcasts including; Comics In Motion - VHS Strikes Back  - Chris & Dave’s Reality Cast - Chris also his own podcast Wrestling Gold discussed in episode 89 of GCC

Indie Comics Spotlight, Mandatory Marvel & DC and Star Wars: Comics In Canon can all be found on Comics In Motion’s feed!

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In case you missed episode 90, Mike spoke with Dave (of Comics In Motion) & Max (of Mandatory Marvel & DC) about the Snyder Cut of Justice League, the DCEU movies, Batman V Superman, The Batfleck, upcoming DC releases and more!

Mike appeared on Tony Farina’s Indie Comics Spotlight to talk about the comic series Second Coming (Episode 13)

Check out the podcast ROOM where Mike is in episode 1 of season 2 called “All Roads Lead To Room” as well as the episode "Jen And The Blob"!

Recently Mike has appeared on the Ask Win Podcast
He has also appeared on the Friends In Your Ears podcast

Mike has another show, called Star Wars: Comics In Canon – all episodes can be found on Comics In Motion’s podcast feed and episodes will be out every Saturday; episodes 0-13 are now out, speaking the Fallen Order prequel comic, how Obi-Wan & Anakin almost left the Jedi order, Cassian met K-2SO, Beckett before Solo, The Rise Of Kylo Ren, Darth Maul beyond The Phantom Menace, how C-3PO got his red arm, Operation: Cinder, Captain Phasma, The Last Jedi comics, Mon Cala & more -

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