#32 - The Left Needs The Right: Brexit, Political Accountability & Minimum Wage With Dom Fullwood

This week, Dom is back, this time for a discussion about politics; especially discussing Brexit, the left & the right and how we must find balance between them, the “ideal world” and much more!

As shown by the above, this week is much more of a political podcast than the standard and as Dom & Mike are from England, the political realms of England is what is primarily spoken about, however among this, minimum wage, hard work, communism, accountability, a sprinkling of American politics and the rapper Akala are all also discussed!

Last week’s chat with Dom was vastly different to this weeks and listing everything they discussed would take far too long (and would be dull to read) but a few notable topics were language & the differences between UK-English and American-English, how hard it is for our generation to buy property, the younger generation and the internet days just-before Facebook, so be sure to check that one out if you fancy a chat less about politics and more about everything else!

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Two episodes back was a two-part gaming chat with Josh & Rhys as guests, talking about some of the games they have loved and some of the issues with today’s gaming industry – one to definitely check out for the videogamers among you!

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