If you enjoy Genuine Chit-Chat, then you're sure to love this Patreon feed with EVEN MORE CONTENT!
For starters, myself (Mike) and Megan are recording "Afterthoughts" weekly where we watch a movie or series and give our thoughts on them in 10-20 minute releases.
In addition, any patrons will also get access to my extra-long episodes in their entirety (instead of part 1 being released and then part 2 a week later, they get both parts in one go, at release of part 1)!
I'll be posting a variety of other things on the Patreon feed including tortoise videos, what I'm up to, photos of some of my collectibles & comics and whatever else people want to see (except that)!

Anyone who supports GCC will as a bonus, get my undying love for all eternity, as this covers some of the costs of podcasting, which keeps my passion alive!

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