#35 - Writing 40 Songs In Six Months - The Life Of A Musician: Playing Shows & Collaboration With Conner Cherland

This week Mike is joined by singer/songwriter Conner Cherland to celebrate & discuss Conner’s newest release “The Choices Of John Still”, as well as a look into how the process of songwriting & touring come together and more!

Conner’s site - The Choices Of John Still EP is now available on SpotifyiTunes!

As well as the above, Conner says who his dream collaborations would be with, along with how “The Rare Occasions” band helped Conner with his latest release. Conner then talks about the finances of being a musician & how to find time for it all, how he writes 40 songs in six months and how he decides which to use on his releases, his touring set-up, his opinion on Spotify, Bring Me The Horizon, his “singing-gram” and much more, in an introduction to Conner Cherland great for all music lovers!

Last week Mike was joined by fellow podcaster Frank, they discussed Frank’s Ragbag Podcast (which is a great music-based podcast) and the freedom of podcasting, followed by their opinions on art & music, how Frank got into being an author and info about his book releases before discussing the bulk of the chat; Frank’s epilepsy (finished off by a discussion about mental illness & medication).

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